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 Welcome To A New Level Of Safety 

The highest level of safety for motorcyclists, the Helite Turtle Airbag Vest. Practical, lightweight and discreet, the Helite Airbag Vest can save a rider from serious injuries. The vest guarantees the most optimum protection without sacrificing comfort. Helite airbag protection can be worn by a rider, as well as a passenger, no matter if you ride a motorcycle, scooter, or ATV. Turtle Technology is a new airbag innovation from Helite. With the highest level of SAS-TEC back protector, it disperses the force of energy twice as well as the previous Airnest model. The Helite Turtle vest provides a rigid neck brace, as well as firm support to the spine and back, chest, rib and kidneys, and even hip and pelvic protection. The Hi-Viz yellow is made for the best visibility during the day, and the silver 3M reflective strips can be seen from a distance when hit with light. 


  • TURTLE CE Approved Airbag effective in 0.1 seconds
  • SAS-TEC back protector 1621-2 certified EC, removable
  • Textile 600D to effectively resist abrasion
  • Neon yellow to be seen better in the day
  • Retro-reflective tape to be seen at night
  • Interior textile 3D mesh for comfort
  • Clear underarm for freedom of movement
  • Robust front clips, easy to open and close
  • Adjustment straps to adjust the width at least 3-4"
  • 1 CO2 cartridge and 1 motorcycle tether included

 For sizes S-XL only use the 60CC CO2 Cartridge

For L-L and XL-L only use a 100CC CO2 Cartridge

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**Please note: All deliveries will be sent with DIRECT SIGNATURE REQUIRED. Please contact us directly if you do no wish for us to ship your order with this option.**

Life-time warranty on every mechanical part of the vest. 30 day warranty on the outer shell material

5 Reviews

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    Next Level of Rider Protection

    Posted by George on 30th Jul 2018

    I gave this purchase a lot of thought . . . For many years, I have practiced ATGATT, wearing either a one-piece Aerostitch Roadcrafter or Aerostitch Transit leather jacket and pants, both with a Hi-Viz vest. I heard about the Helite Turtle Airbag Vest a year or so ago and sought the opinions of owners as to the daily logistics of its use, such as comfort and ease of donning it. It makes a great deal of sense to me to have an airbag attached to the rider than to the bike (as some Gold Wings have).

    The vest is beautiful and well-made, and when I had a question, the customer service was fast and excellent, so much so that I ordered a second (smaller) vest to fit my mesh outfit!

  • 5
    Quality gear I hope to never use.

    Posted by Paul E. on 6th Oct 2017

    I ordered a large hi viz turtle vest based on info from Zak. Fits great and is easy to wear. I made a visible sticker that I placed in my line of sight to help remember to attach the tether. Seems like it is built to last. I really appreciate being able to wear this over all of my different gear.

  • 5
    Great quality product

    Posted by Haluk on 7th Sep 2017

    I was thinking that it is expensive until I saw the thing in person. It is a very well made product. All materials used feels top notch. Love the back protector too. Goes down far enough on the back to provide full upper body protection.

  • 5
    out of the box great fit! looks GREAT!!!

    Posted by Daniel Kennedy on 4th Mar 2017

    I have done my research prior to purchasing a new inovative system for motorcycle rider safety i am so far pleased with the purchase with Helite i tried on the product and it fits perfectly i am excited to use it the upcoming ridding season and its worth more right off the bat in conjunction with all the gear it would be worn with. Make sure you as a rider diligently research motorcycle gear amd go with trusted tested companies that exemplifies though out care and construction for the riders and safety needs overall! I am really excited about this product and cant wait to see what the future holds with this company!!

  • 5
    Well conceived and fabricated

    Posted by teanau on 20th Sep 2016

    Checks all the boxes.
    solid construction,
    appears to have protection where its needed
    good fit, not bulky,
    easy to install,
    does not flap about at highway speeds,
    highly visible,
    doesnt trigger when casually dismounting,

    I look forward to never testing its primary purpose, but am confident it will perform well.

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