Customer Reviews

Quality gear I hope to never use. 5 Star Review

Posted by Paul E. on 6th Oct 2017

I ordered a large hi viz turtle vest based on info from Zak. Fits great and is easy to wear. I made a visible sticker that I placed in my line of sight to help remember to attach the tether. Seems like it is built to last. I really appreciate being able to wear this over all of my different gear.


Great quality product 5 Star Review

Posted by Haluk on 7th Sep 2017

I was thinking that it is expensive until I saw the thing in person. It is a very well made product. All materials used feels top notch. Love the back protector too. Goes down far enough on the back to provide full upper body protection.


Out of the box great fit! looks GREAT!!! 5 Star Review

Posted by Daniel Kennedy on 4th Mar 2017

I have done my research prior to purchasing a new inovative system for motorcycle rider safety i am so far pleased with the purchase with Helite i tried on the product and it fits perfectly i am excited to use it the upcoming ridding season and its worth more right off the bat in conjunction with all the gear it would be worn with. Make sure you as a rider diligently research motorcycle gear amd go with trusted tested companies that exemplifies though out care and construction for the riders and safety needs overall! I am really excited about this product and cant wait to see what the future holds with this company!!


Well conceived and fabricated 5 Star Review

Posted by teanau on 20th Sep 2016

Checks all the boxes.
solid construction,
appears to have protection where its needed
good fit, not bulky,
easy to install,
does not flap about at highway speeds,
highly visible,
doesnt trigger when casually dismounting, 

I look forward to never testing its primary purpose, but am confident it will perform well.


1st impression 5 Star Review

Posted by Unknown on 12th May 2017

Only had it a week and haven't crash yet. It is one more piece of gear to strap on and store but it's easy with the 3 buckles. I've had it on two bikes. And after installation was done I haven't really even noticed it. The tether was in the way of some pockets but I to figured out how to deal with that. Overall seems well made!


New Helite owner 5 Star Review

Posted by Gary Whitehead on 31st Oct 2016

I have had the Helite turtle for about two weeks. I have ridden approx. 500 miles in that time and I am completely happy with the product. It is a quality product that fits well and the extra layer is not noticeable when riding. I have worn it over both textile and mesh jackets and it is comfortable. I removed the back pad from both these jackets since I will be wearing the vest.


Outstanding jacket 5 Star Review

Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jul 2016

Outstanding jacket, fits perfect. Although I normally wear a size Med, however for this product I wear an XL. I'm 5'10" and 160 pounds. Plenty of ventilation for warm days, dry whilst riding in the rain for over two hours, armor / protection is second to none, well built with quality materials and craftsmanship. Dry pockets are a nice touch. Very happy with the purchase. Even if you’re an occasional rider do yourself a favor and buy it. The safety features alone are more than worth it. I work in the emergency department of a busy hospital and frequently see injuries I believe this jacket would prevent or at least decrease the severity of. I have recommended it to several riders.


Awesome jacket! 5 Star Review

Posted by Ricardo Camargo on 23rd Jun 2015

I bought this jacket in an Expo (at México City) and it's awesome!
I've tested it in heavy rain conditions over 30 mins and it exceeded my expectatives!
Nothing wet under the jacket, is warm in cold conditions, it has a very good ventilation, Super useful pockets and good looking.
Fully recommendable!

PS. It would be nice-to-have a strap on the forearm to attach accesories such as a retractil cane or a flashlight so the driver can get easy-access to it while in motion.


High quality, looks great, good airflow. 5 Star Review

Posted by Jeramiah Cornell on 25th Jul 2016

I was apprehensive about ordering the leather jacket due to heat. After riding the last few days in 95° weather I can say I'm very happy with my purchase. With the liner removed there is plenty of airflow to keep me cool. I normally wear a large but was told to order a xxl due to European fitment, it fits great.

Jacket is of a very high quality. The stitching, leather, and zippers all exceeded my expectations. The pockets are large enough for my wallet, phone, and whatever else I carry. It looks great to boot.

While the jacket is quite heavy, once it's on I don't even notice. The heft is due to the quality of materials, not bulk.

Clipping in to the tether takes a day to get used to, but it's already second nature. I feel much safer knowing that my chances of neck injury are decreased. My wife worries less when I'm out riding as well.

I really hope more riders start wearing Helite. The protection is well worth the price. I hope to never have to use it but if the time comes I'll be very glad I decided to make the purchase.


functions great, design could improve 5 Star Review

Posted by Rich L on 12th Sep 2016

Love my airvest, but my comment on the design is that you need to tether it to the bike. it may sound obvious, but I forget 50% of the time to hook the jacket to the bike. It's worse than useless then, because you will be tempted (like me) to put the bike on cruise control and tether the vest no-hander. 
I wish that there were a hard-point of connection to make it easier to remember, or easier to hook up if forgotten.
Anyway, reason to reorder the tether is because I forgot to hook it up, went for a ride, and it melted on the exhaust where it fell down. Jacked obviously useless without it, so reordered it. $25 seems very steep price to me, for 24" of nylon strap.


Pricey but suck it up 5 Star Review

Posted by Susan G on 30th Aug 2016

I bought an extra tether so that I could just leave the tethers on each of my bikes. I wish that Helite gave a price break for extra tethers and CO2 canisters. It would take the sting out of outfitting all bikes and being more likely to use the vest each and every ride.


Additional Tether review 5 Star Review

Posted by Ricardo Camargo on 30th Jun 2015

Finally I got my replacements after two weeks (not so quick neither slow to deliver to Mex City)
It's very good to have an extra tether and because is a standard "clip-safe" is always going to work for the jacket.
Good fabric and good stiches.