With sizes from Child Small to Adult XL+, we have the perfect size for any rider and any riding style. Call the Helite airbag experts anytime to ask about sizing (510) 595-3302. We don't mind taking the time to make sure you are happy with the fit of your Helite protection device. 

To determine your size, the weight and height measurements are the most important. Take a smaller size or the L+ size into consideration if you have a shorter than average torso length. The L+ is the same length as a regular size L but a wider version of it. Same with the XL+ and the XL. The XL+ is the wide version of the XL.

The vests are made to be long enough to sit on, but you do not want the rib protection so low that it's covering below the waist in the front. The other fit to avoid is wearing the vest to small so it rides up high under the arms. The vest should have a loose fit and be long enough to cover the hip and pelvic areas in the event of an accident. 

You'll notice some overlap between sizes. With the range of vest adjustments
possible, it is very likely that you can comfortably fit in two sizes. Deciding
which to order will depend on your usage- if you require extra room for
looser fitting jackets, go with the larger size. If you'll only be wearing the vest
with lighter layers or a leather racing suit, we suggest opting for the smaller size.

Please, keep in mind that Helite products run smaller than average U.S. sizing. 

Sizing exchanges are no hassle and free of charge within the US! If, after you've received
your vest you decide you'd prefer a larger or smaller size just let us know and 
we'll ship you a new size once we receive the incorrect size back in new condition.

If you have any questions about sizing please contact us!