90MPH+ crash on the track

13th Oct 2016

If you want to know if a Helite vest will protect you on the track just ask Don. He sent his testimony to us this week detailing the events of his accident. 

I purchased the Helite vest when you were at Laguna early last year and wear it every time I ride. I do have to say it looks big and bulky, but it does not get in the way while I am riding aggressively on the track. Yesterday, Saturday October 9th I had my first crash. It was a big high-side. I was thrown into the air and landed on my left shoulder and neck. The impact was violent that it knocked the wind out of me. When the track workers approached me, they thought for sure I had broken something and was surprised to see me conscious and alert. While I was in serious pain, I too was surprised that I had not damaged my shoulder or broke my clavicle. Needless to say I am very impressed with Helite vest and will continue to wear it when I ride. The vest survived the crash as well and only has a couple of scratches.

Happy Customer,