New video, rider crashes with Helite airbag!

2nd Feb 2017

A rider sent this story to us recently saying, "So I am just writing this to say thank you for your great product. I have just purchased another helite to go with my new bike." 

We love when riders choose to use airbag protection because every story we receive has a happy ending! Ride Helite Airbag equipped! Read his story below! 

"I was travelling on Tasman Highway in Tasmania, towards Hobart. After riding for 3.5hrs I was pretty exhausted. During a corner, I wasn't paying enough attention, looking into the rear mirror for my friends behind me. Then I realised I was running wide and target fixated. That resulted in me running off the road, and low siding the bike at 80km/h. I don't know exactly when the airbag got deployed. All I know is that I tumbled for a few seconds, eventually hitting my bike and stopped. Immediately after the crash I feel quite a lot of pain in my knee and elbow, but no pain in my body, neck or head. After checking if my arms and leg were working, I unlatched my airbag, as it was really tight, and made breathing difficult, especially after being winded by the crash. Then I basically turned off my bike and got up. I did have full leather on with pads, so my knee and elbow was fine after about 10 minutes. There was scratch on my backside, between my leather jacket and pants. But yea, the part of my body that didn't feel any pain during or after the crash was the part covered by the airbag. I'm not sure if the photo shows it, but the vest has a small tear on the back. Without the airbag, this puncture probably would have been my back. Thanks to the protection gear, especially the airbag, I was fine about 15 minutes after the crash. I got to continue my trip in Tasmania, this whole incident only delayed me for about 1 and half hour.

Thank you!