HELITE H-MOOV Airbag Backpack (Mechanical Trigger)

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Urban mobility has become today, and for the decades to come, one of the most important challenges for everyone. Move and travel, yes, but safely. 

Don’t choose between comfort, utility and safety. 

HELITE proposes you to make no more compromises with the new H-MOOV backpack airbag, dedicated to motorcycle riding. 

A single model that can be adapted to any riding type and to a maximum of morphologies, for optimal protection.


Helite has developed an innovative airbag that ensures your safety on your motorcycle. Our engineers have put all their expertise into the design to bring this unique product to the market


As always, HELITE has focused on the quality of the airbag protection.  Large volume of protection (18L) to absorb impacts and completely cover vital areas.

Vital areas covered: Back, neck, chest, abdomen, sacrum. 

TURTLE Technology: Reinforced back protection (SAS-TEC level 1 back) and force distribution during impact.  
Ultra-fast inflation: The airbag is effective before impact


Air circulation: A ventilated space between the bag and the back (3D mesh), through which humid air can freely escape. 
Waterproof: It can be used in the rain thanks to its water-repellent fabric and waterproof closures.  Reflective elements day and night protection..


Mechanical system: The airbag is attached to the motorcycle with a tether. In the event of a fall, the tether disconnects from the airbag, triggering its inflation. 
Electronic system: The electronic board integrates several sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS) that monitor the situation in real time. An algorithm analyzes all the data and is able to detect a fall to trigger the inflation of the airbag.

The H-MOOV backpack airbag is reusable after inflation. Simply change the cartridge yourself. All H-MOOV backpacks require the 60cc cartridge. 



3 Reviews

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    Helite H-Moov airbag backpack

    Posted by Brandon Serna on 3rd May 2024

    Beautiful quality on this backpack!
    Very comfortable as I received just in time for my Moto-camp trip. I put in 800 miles of Freeways, twisted highways and dirt roads without any issue with this pack.

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    H Moov backpack

    Posted by Dave on 5th Oct 2023

    This thing is great! It has tons of built in features such as a rain cover, helmet holder, and hydration pack holder. And it’s very roomy! As an added bonus, you can remove the storage area and use it solely as an airbag, saving you about 2 pounds of weight and making it a little less bulky.

    This is an excellent option for those that don’t want to look like they are wearing safety gear. You can run some errands, pick up a few things, and have the protection of an airbag all while looking like just another biker wearing a backpack. And, unlike Helite’s jackets, the backpack comes in one size, and will fit most people with its adjustable straps. This makes it an excellent choice if you have more than one person that you ride 2 up with: instead of buying separate jackets for each potential passenger, you buy one H Moov that can be shared.

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    Lots Of Room And Comfortable To Wear

    Posted by Myles Moreira on 25th May 2023

    This background is great for carrying everything you need, I really like the helmet holder and it stay in place while you ride. The two clips in the front hold the backpack firmly in place. My only complaint is it feels a little bulky even when empty but it is only noticeable when you are walking not riding. Luckily I haven’t had to test the airbag capabilities but I can say I can feel protective padding and it does bring me comfort. Overall I like the backpack a lot and would rate it 9/10 only because of the bulkyness.